What’s Your Discoverability Factor?


One of the most important aspects of becoming a PROFITABLE Author is building a personal brand, and creating and implementing an effective marketing and promotion campaign. You can be the most talented writer on earth. You may have written a best seller book. If you don’t have a campaign in place to get “discovered,” you won’t be successful. If you don’t have a “tribe,” of followers, the likelihood of you landing a Publisher is very slim.  This plan should be created and implemented long before you publish your first book. As Dr. Phil would say, “how’s that working out for ya?”

Answer these questions:

  1. Are you participating in multicast marketing and promotional opportunities?
  2. Can your picture, name, book, and articles be found on page one of Google?
  3. Do you know who your readers are, how to reach them, and why they like your writing?
  4. Do you have a speaker platform? Are you comfortable in front of an audience?
  5. What are the top 25 questions you are most likely to be asked during an interview?
  6. What are the keys to designing a sizzling front and back book cover?

Join Nancy Gaskins, Radio Talk Show Host for Author Universe Radio: the #1 Interview Platform for Emerging Authors in a series of online and offline workshops and facilitated discussion sessions regarding the most pressing issues facing emerging authors in 2015.

For more details: Click to download – AU Trifold Brochure PDF. To register, click http://www.MyAuthorUniverse.com.


Why Author Universe Radio? the #1 Interview Platform for Emerging Authors


Author Universe Radio is a spinoff of Nancy Gaskins Talks Business; a radio talk show that I have hosted since 2011. I noticed the majority of my Clients were Authors, so it made perfect sense to launch a show that focuses specifically on emerging authors and their issues.

Over the years, I have received hundreds of positive reviews from satisfied Clients. Many can be viewed on my new Facebook page “Author Universe.”

Over the next few blog posts, I will be discussing Author Universe and the benefits from joining the Author Universe Team. Although it’s difficult to do an interview by yourself, I did a short introductory segment. To listen, click on this link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/nancygaskins/2015/03/01/author-universe-radio-1-interview-platform-for-emerging-authors

WHO? If you’re an Emerging Author, Writers Group, Agent, or Publisher looking for affordable promotional options for you or your Clients: Author Universe is your solution.

Participate in multicast marketing opportunities: improve your google rankings, drive more traffic to your websites, increase your skill sets, build your author brand to gain credibility, which all lead to more sales!

There’s no more exciting way to showcase who you are, and where you are going: Author Universe Radio.com.

Upcoming topics:

  1. What are the top reasons Authors continue to choose Author Universe for their Interviews?
  2. What exactly IS Author Universe?
  3. What services does Author Universe Offer?
  4. Bio & background of Nancy Gaskins.
  5. How you can join the Author Universe team

#1: What are the top reasons Authors continue to choose Nancy Gaskins for their Interviews?

Emerging Authors tend be nervous and anxious about the interview process. Author Universe uses a very simple, but effective format and collaborative process that immediately puts each Author at ease. The end result is an engaging interview that promotes the author and their work in the best possible light.

Unlike other options available in the marketplace: Interviews stay online year-round, not just the day of the interview.

Listeners can access Interviews On-Demand, 24/7

  • Authors can use the direct interview link to promote on their website, blog, social media sites, and publicity materials.
  • For those interested, Author Universe also offers the option to purchase a copy of the audio file for only $5.

Increase Your DISCOVERABILITY factor: In an industry that is already over-saturated, and growing at an exponential rate each day, (see AuthorUniverse Blog post #1 -https://authoruniverse.wordpress.com/2015/02/28/17-easy-ways-to-pull-traffic-to-your-author-blog/ ) it is crucial for Emerging Authors to create and implement a marketing and promotion campaign that will give them the best opportunities to cut through all the noise and get “discovered.”

Writing and publishing a book are just two small piece of the “discoverability” puzzle. Creating and building your personal brand, attracting a following, and promoting you work is what will attract the right publisher and customers who will purchase your books. Many Authors are under the assumption that all they have to do it write and produce great work. There is nothing farther from the truth. You must become a master marketeer….

What’s YOUR discoverability factor? Stay tuned to find out!